An Exciting Game Play Of Clash Royale

clash royale guide

As I am a total game freak by nature, a friend of mine recommended the game of Clash Royale to me one fine day. Since the name itself is extremely catchy, I decided to check it out and go through. It dawned upon me that it featured my all time favorite Clash of Clan characters. As soon as I realized it, there was no stopping me back ever since from playing this game. Combining both card battles along with tower defense, i instantly got hooked to it.

A game of pure fun and bliss, Clash Royale offers an extremely catchy plot which enabled me to deploy units in order to demolish the towers of my rivals. As i kept on defeating troops slowly and steadily, I started generating a large number of resources with the help of clash royale hack. These resources proved to be extremely lucrative for me later on as I further progressed in the game. This game is best played in duels. It is here in this game that I was able to retrieve my entire favorite characters of Clash of Clans namely, Giants, Archers, Barbarian Kings, etc.

Initially in the game of Clash Royale, I was required to start with three towers, i.e. one in middle and rest of it, located on either side. All tournaments that I was able to encounter with lasted for about three minutes. By chance if I ever had a tie with another player, I would then be given some extra time. In order to advance in it, I was required to primarily unlock various types of troops that were available. But the most important aspect of this game is to collect cards. These cards differ in nature from one another and play an extremely vital role in this game.

I had to win several tournaments that took place in Clash Royale in order to acquire those varieties of cards. From achieving different kinds of trophies to availing cards, I had the time of my life playing it. I even went ahead and formed my own personalized clan which would enable me to share cards and to formulate my battle community. This would in turn help me to achieve varied trophies, crowns and eventually glory in all the available arenas. At times, in order to level up my game, I was compelled to use my credit card for some in app purchases. Although it was more of a pocket pinch, nevertheless it proved to be a major shortcut in order to advance in this game.

With a fun and strategic multiplayer game as this, I was able to enjoy it to the fullest. Since there are extremely short duration between each game, it gave me immense time to formulate strategies on my own. With effective user friendly approaches, I was able to advance steadily in this game. As winning tournaments provided me with a lot of trophies, similarly I had also lost a part of it while getting defended. In order to be able to unlock, my only strategy was to keep playing and winning it eventually. With an exquisite story line and graphics, it was thus enough to keep me going throughout.

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